3DFHDN replacement?

    3DFHDN replacement?

    Hi to the Fantec team!

    I still own my 3DFHDN which I love!
    I love it so much that I thought : why not give the 4KP6800 a try?
    Well, i struggle a bit with it, I miss a couple of features that i need.

    In the mediaplayer software of the 3DFHDN, i like :
    - dots to show already read videos
    - the ability to select a lot of videos with the green button button on the remote
    - and the possibility to move, remove the files from the remote!

    In the stock mediaplayer software in the 4k6800, i miss all of this features.
    Moreover, Kodi is more oriented on online/on demand video.

    I know i can use an explorer app to select and remove, but i wanted to do it from the mediaplayer.

    So, is there a more powerfull "3DFHDN" without android and with the media player of the 3DFHDN and all the features I liked so much?