SQ-35RU3e max HD capacity

    SQ-35RU3e max HD capacity

    The specifications of the FANTEC SQ-35RU3e mention: Maximum hard drive capacity 16000 (4x4TB).

    Does this mean that HDs with a capacity of 6TB, 8TB, 10TB and 12TB do not work with the SQ-35RU3e? Can you explain this? For a lot of other Fantec productions, this limitation is not mentioned.
    However on Amazon.de, they sell bundles with SQ-35RU3e and 4x6TB HD.

    I am planning to use the SQ-35RU3e with WD 6TB Red, WD 8TB red, Ironwolf 10TB, and Ironwolf 12TB. Is it possible to use these HDs in JBOD so I can have 4 drive letters in Windows 10? e.g. D: E: F: G:

    In the future, I am planning to use the Raid 5 with 4 devices of the same type. (Therefore I did not opt for the SQ-35U3e)

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