QB-35US3R max capacity?

    QB-35US3R max capacity?


    I'm planning on buying a QB-35US3R, but am wondering what the maximum supported capacity per drive is.
    If possible I'd like to use 10TB Seagate Ironwolf HDDs. Start out with 2 of those in RAID1, then eventually move on to 3x 10TB in RAID5, then possibly 4x 10TB RAID5.

    I Googled around a bit, but information about max capacity seems to not be consistent.
    Some state max 4TB per drive, some say 8TB, some 10TB or unlimited.

    Will it work with these 10TB drives I have in mind? Any caveats I should take into consideration?


    there's no known capacity limit. It's important to not use 4Kn HDDs because native 4K sector HDDs aren't supported in enclosures for several HDDs.

    We tested a Seagate Ironwolf 12TB two weeks ago in a QB-35US3-6G and it worked as suggested. :thumbup:

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