FANTEC QB-X8US3R Not visible after boot

    FANTEC QB-X8US3R Not visible after boot


    I bought a FANTEC QB-X8US3R in 2013 and insert in it 8 HD 3 TO and use it RAID 50 conected with USB 3.
    It worked until today and when i reboot the fantec drive letter were not visible anymore and can't see either in computer management/Drive management
    The front panel case visual indicator xH error (LED 5 in the manual) is lighting in red.

    What do you advice ?
    Do we have a software we can use for diagnotics or repair ?
    How to know the specific drive in default if any? and in raid 50 a dead HD should not be enough to lost data, even if 2 drives were dead, we should still access the data.

    If i go for the manual here Produkt

    We have buttons numbered from 21 to 28 for HDD, these LED are off (not lighting).

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    it's also possible that the Raid array was destroyed by your OS or a power failure. In this case you can try to restore the Array but i think you need professionel help from someone who is active in data restoring.

    Also sometimes defective HDDs unluckily don't tell the system that they are defective, in this case it is very hard to find the defective one without set up the whole Raid freshly.

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