QB-X8US3-6G - can't handle 8x10To HDD. (read slow)

    QB-X8US3-6G - can't handle 8x10To HDD. (read slow)

    My Setup:
    (x16) Seagate IronWolf 10To
    Connect via USB 3, StarTech.com PEXUSB3S44V (4 controlers USB Pcie card)

    if i try to read on all the drive at the same time, read go down to 15Mo/s for each Disk (so only a total of 150Mo/s)
    the only way to have a descent reading is to put only 4 drives in !

    we are way far that your annonce with USB 3 (i see that Jmicron 567 can handle 300Mo/s)
    do you have some tips, or i just buy 2x useless dock ?


    i think you expect to much from the device. This is a consumer device with one chipset and attached to one USB port, it is normal that the speed will be slower as it is when you only access one drive or maybe two or three.
    The idea behind the JBOD devices it not to access all HDDs at the same time, it's for the access by and by and then you will get nearly the maximum speed which the JMicron chipset can deliver.

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