MR-35DU-6G managed EXT3 and raid1 ?

    MR-35DU-6G managed EXT3 and raid1 ?

    Hello evrybody,

    I just would like to know if the nas model MR-35DU-6G managed Linux system and managed ext3 format ?
    And if yes, can you explain to me how to set up and format the nas to work in Raid 1 ?

    ps: i used a kind of debian. I dont undestand german so if u can speak english or french it s super :)


    the MR35DU3-6G is not a NAS!!! It is a USB/eSATA Double Array with Raid Function.

    You have to install to hard drives, after it you have to set the MR to Raid 1 Mode. After it you have to Format the Raid on your PC like a normal USB.HDD. That's it.

    You can also download the official Manual on the Website, to see the TO DO's. :thumbup: