Compatibility DW60EFRX

    Compatibility DW60EFRX

    I have a hard drive DW60EFRX usb 3.0
    it seems not compatible with my Fantec MR-U3-6G : I hear the hard drive, but I don't see the disk space on my computer...
    Could you confirm the non compatibility , and is there a chance that it changes ?

    Thnaks & have a good day

    Bricoles wrote:

    DW60EFRX usb 3.0

    what does it mean? I did not know something about a "DW60EFRX USB 3.0", i only know soemthing about a WD HDD, called WD60EFRX.
    We recommended to use regular consumer Drives like the green Series. The RED Series comes with Special Functions and is designed for NAS Drives.

    We need more informations.

    Have you expanded the hard drive from a different external enclosure? Or have you bought the Drive new without an external enclosure? Was the hard drive empty, as you have installed it?

    What displays the Disk Management on your PC?

    Do you have set the correct Raid Mode for a single Drive? You should set the MR to JBOD, if you are using a single Drive.