Home partition absent

    Home partition absent


    I have a problem on a CL35-B2.
    The Home partition always disappear.
    When connecting with my LAN (192.168...) I always get the following message (in french, google traduction in german):

    Das System arbeitet ohne / home - Partition.
    / Haus zum Speichern von Systemdaten verwendet wird. Bitte wählen Sie eine Partition, klicken Sie dann auf den Berg , um das / home - Partition zu montieren. Oder Sie können Diskmanager laufen zu erstellen, formatieren und montieren Sie die Partitionen.

    There is a home partition listed in the window. I mount it. Everything is OK but after a few hours myfantec is unavailable again and when I connect locally (192.168....) I get the same message: Home partition missing...
    I have repeated this operation 4 or 5 times (remounting the home partition), it's always the same, it works for a few hours and then the same problem.

    Does anyone have an idea of the problem? Maybe a faulty Hard drive? Is there a tool to check the HDs? (2x3TB)

    Thanks very much for any help


    j-philippe castillon wrote:

    Maybe a faulty Hard drive?

    It is possible. Also it is possible that the Raid or Partition Table is faulty.

    j-philippe castillon wrote:

    Is there a tool to check the HDs? (2x3TB)

    No, not on the NAS's Webinterface.

    Please give us some more Details please. Type and Manufacturer of the Harddisks, and what's about the Raid Level?

    First you should make a Backup if it does not exist. That is important!
    Then you should reinstall the Drives for new. Before installing new, you can test the Drives in or at a normal PC without the B2.


    Thanks very much for your help... I was very busy those last days hence my late answer.

    The 2 disks are Western Digital, Caviar green, WD30EZRX SATA 3TB, June 2012, mounted in RAID 1.
    I have removed one of them which seems faulty, but the same problem occurs with only one HD. I have been able to save about 50Go of data, and then i had a message "\\myfantec doesn't exist on the LAN", and I had to remount the home partition again.

    The simpliest way for me would be to remove a HD, to connect it directly on a sata port of my PC and to copy the data, but I am afraid it won't work! Is it possible? Is there a windows (of Linux) tool able to read the files from a disk formatted by the CL35B2, and of course protected by admin and user passwords (I know of course those passwords!)?

    Another advantage would be the speed of the copy; when connected in the CL35, the speed transfer is about 10MB/s, if everything was OK, it would take about 85 hours to copy the entire disk (and it bugs generally after a few hours on the CL35).

    Thanks again for any help!