Bricked QB-35RFEU3 (clains harddrive errors, when this is not true)

    Bricked QB-35RFEU3 (clains harddrive errors, when this is not true)


    I have here 2 QB-35RFEU3 devices that have on boot the Red "HDD error" come one. (The one documented with "When any of HDD1~HDD4 has error, HDD error is on.")
    However, none of the individual harddrive error leds go on.

    I have done tests where I'm 100% sure all harddrives are perfectly operational. But still, the QB-35RFEU3 claims there is an hardware error.

    What should I do?
    Is there some firmware update or reset procedure?


    it's possible that HDDs are defective for a Raid but can be used in single HDD enclosures without an error message.

    I think when you try out the QB with 4 new HDDs there will be no Error anymore. I got this problem in tests by myself and it wasn't possible to find out which HDD is defective (SMART doesn't reported an Error) but after some month one of these HDDs becomes totally defective. :/

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    Thanks Lars,

    I now figured also out. When I pressed a long time on the "raid mode confirmation" button, then for a short time in the front the QB showed with the red led what disk it was unhappy about.

    Then also, on one device the HDD error simply went away when I have redon the RAID configuration, RAID mode selection. In documentation I cannot find this is needed.