Media service problem and other problems


    you only have to activate/enable the Media service (have a look at picture 1).
    Then you have to choose the three Media Folder (photo, music, video). Have a look at picture 2.
    Please note: You can only choose Main folders in the root.
    That's all.

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    sorry but it is very difficult at the distance, to find out what is going wrong.

    It looks like a couple of problems. May be a HDD Problem?!?!

    Do you have installed the latest Firmware for the NAS? You will find the latest firmware on

    Do you have installed the HDD for your self? What kind of HDD is it? Manufacturer, Type, Size?
    Do you have formatted the HDD over the NAS's Webinterface? That is very important!!!

    I have latest firmware.
    HDD is WD Red 2TB.
    Nas is formatted over nas webinterface, and S.M.AR.T. HDD status is good.
    Strange thing is if I put movie folder in root (like Public) i can see one movie in folder (others are missing) but if I put movie folder inside Public folder I can not see move folder enymore.


    1. Do you have filled the NAS via USB with Content?
    After the work in USB Mode it is important to use the savely removal Function of the Computer's OS, to disconnect the NAS via USB.

    2. Do you have created folders via USB?
    That is very critical, because the folder in the root are not only folders, this folders are NAS's Netdrives at same time.
    It can make trouble if you are changing existing or creating new Folders in the root, concerning NAS User Management.

    If you are creating a new NAS User on the WebInterface, the NAS creates a folder in the root with the same name. This folders you should better change only on NAS's WebInterface.

    That's the only things I can think of.

    Today I had a new negative experience with my CL-35B1.
    During copying files from my openwrt router to NAS (with FTP) NAS has simply disappeared from the network. I could not not access either via WebDAV either via ftp either via samba.
    All the while the disk is spinning, and the strange thing is that I could not shut down the NAS with shut down / power off button.
    Therefore, I had to unplug the power cord.
    When i was plug the power cord back and start the NAS everything is working properly.

    Any idea why this happened?


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    yaba wrote:

    Any idea why this happened?

    No, it can be a problem with the HDD, the NEtwork or the CL-35B1 himself.
    1. May be the HDD is incompatible - many Users reports problems with WD-RED, Blue, Black, AV Series. We recommend standard Consumer HDD's like the Green Series (or other Standard Consumer Drives from other Manufacturer).
    2. There is a problem in your Network - something like a IP-Conflict, cable Problems, A routing Problem, A problem with Switches. There are many Options for problems.
    3. The CL-35B1 has a problem. Then you have to contact your Dealer for RMA.