CL-35B2 firmware problem

    CL-35B2 firmware problem

    When I started web browser of the device I see a pop-up note about new firmware and ask about run update. I started update and after finishing the browser open a clear page and I wait 1 hour but nothing happend....that was it, the device is brick.
    I tried reset, but nothing happened.
    Device is start but I can enter with telnet only, no ftp, no another services, so i cannot recover my documents and picture....
    I can recover some documents with command copy to usb but another files i don't see where they are....
    Is important for me because there I have all my family photos and I have no copy.....
    If it is possible to send me firmware to try run from usb or any other advice I would be grateful.
    Thank you!

    it's impossible to flash it in any other way.

    Try to connect to the device via Samba if you didn't try it already.

    You could use a new device with the latest software and put in your old HDDs, then you can reinitialize the HDDs in it!

    And for the future: NEVER without a backup on a physically separated device because when your data is lost... it's lost! :D

    Best regards,
    Thank's for replay. I can connect with telnet only with username admin and pass admin. I try any other posibility bun nothing. I don't have another device so I cannot try. I think....Fantec team would have to test well firmware before send to client.... I've done firmware update in same condition before and work well.