Folder backup with sync function

    Folder backup with sync function


    I have recently bought and configured my NAS CL-35B2 as mirror RAID. I have a small question though.

    There are two PCs on my network. I want my NAS to take a backup of the local drives of these systems every 24 hours, automatically. (is it possible to give access to a user to only his respective backup on NAS?)
    Furthermore, there are some other network drives which are shared on our network.. I want NAS to take an automatic back up of these drives as well..

    Can anyone guide me on this.?

    Thanks and regards,

    this NAS does not Support automatic backups.

    For sure you can use Special Backup Software on your PC to make timed backups on the NAS. Please make sure that this software can access network drives. Please note: It is impossible to make a backup from all PC's/Network Dirves to different NAS Users on the same PC.
    The Problem is you can only share Data from/to one NAS User at the same time on the same PC. A General Access is not possible.