Files Randomly Deleted or Corrupted

    Files Randomly Deleted or Corrupted

    Lars you said on another post

    there's an info flyer within the packaging how you MUST handle the device while it's connected to a computer, otherwise the files will be "deleted" every time the device is restarted.

    Can you please post a link to this
    Hello at first,

    there is no link to share.

    Well i think we are talking about the 3D AluPlay with an internal HDD?

    If you have connected your Player to a PC by USB to manage Files, you have to do the following things to disconnect the Player correctly.

    1. Please use the savely removal Function of your PC-OS to log off the Player.
    2. After it you have to disconnect the power to your MediaPlayer.
    3. Now you have to disconnect the USB Cable (on both sides).
    4. Now you can connect your Player to the TV.
    5. At least, connect the Power to the Media Player again.

    That's it :thumbup: .

    Also you should start a HDD Diagnostic Tool if the Problem still exists. Please have also a look on our Tutorials in the First Aid Corner (only german - use online Translation). There are two Tutorials which explains the internal HDD Handling.


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    No not by USB, this is through my home network. I copy files to the media player, but after a reboot, the files can disappear or become corrupted. Also sometimes the media player locks up and needs a hard boot from on/off switch.

    I suspect somehow the FAT gets corrupted ????

    What HDD Diagnostic Tool should I use ? can this fix file errors ???