3DFHDN does not boot properly

    3DFHDN does not boot properly


    I recently bought a brand new 3DFHDN 3to.
    I did a lot of transferts from my usb key to the hard drive, also tried to read some .mkv movies that didn't worked.
    But now, the 3DFHDN does not start properly.
    I only get the Fantec logo and that's it.
    Sometimes, it sounds like it is restarting but only get the fantec logo.

    I connected it to my pc, the hard drive is not affected and still work as a normal drive.

    The worst bit is that I am French, I don't speak German and I am not fluent in English.

    I purchased the 3DFHDN from an ebay seller, I still have the invoice but it is going to cost me a lot if I have to send it back...

    I spent a lot of time to try to find the best player, I took a risk buying a product with no French support.
    I hope I'll get a solution soon.
    It is a great product as far as i used it.


    Fabien (from France)

    well, let's try to help you. :thumbup:

    At first some questions:

    Was it a private or professional seller?
    Have you purchased the player with built-in hard disk or installed the hard drive by yourself?

    I ask, because it is recommened to Format the HDD by the Player's Setup for the first use. This is important! Please do not use HDD's, formatted by Windows or other OS!
    Also please use the savely removal function to disconnect your Player after your work on a PC!

    If you are unsure please try to use checkdisk on the pc. Perhaps there is a inconsistency. If it does not help:

    Also you can make a simple test to find out if the HDD or the Player is faulty. Please disconnect all cables from the 3DFHDN, open the 3DFHDN an disconnect the HDD's cable inside. Then connect the Player to the TV and the power. No USB Stick or any other Things. Now start the 3DFHDN. If the Player does not work without HDD, there is something wrong with the Player. If the Player starts, there is something wrong with the HDD.

    If the player does not start without a hard drive, please try to install the latest Firmware (you will find it on fantec.de).

    If it does not help too, you have to contact your dealer/seller.

    If the Player works without HDD, you should backup your data on it and then delete all parttions on it. After it you have to Format the HDD like wrote in the red text.

    Thank you very much for your answer.

    - I bought it from a professional seller (Bravotec)
    - It has a built in hard drive.

    - When I first used it, I formated the hard drive, just to be sure it was correctly done.

    - I tried a checkdisc on my computer, no issue were found.

    - I removed the hard drive from the 3DFHDN, then conected it to the tv, and I have the same issue.
    It tries to boot, I get the Fantec logo for 10sec then tries to boot again, and again...

    - I would like to install a new firmware, but I thought I read there is no firmware download option or installation possible.
    Do you have a link for me?
    If it boot on the usb key, install the firmware back, i think it could work again correctly!

    you can try to install the last Firmware from the 3DFHDL - it is the same firmware. You will find it here: Produkt

    Please only try to install Firmware Version ...r11498. Do not try to install any older firmwares!
    You will find a detailed Installation Manual in the donwloaded zip.

    If it does not helps, you have to contact your dealer/seller!

    Thank you very much!

    It worked just fine!

    At first, it didn't want to install the new firmware, stuck at 0% and I got another screen.
    I changed to the second usb port.
    The firmware installed quickly and the 3DFHDN started as it should!

    Thank you very much!

    I really like this product!

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