GL-35dsr Upgrade problem

    GL-35dsr Upgrade problem

    Dear Sir,
    I've seen another thread discussing my same problem. but the links there was broken and the topic seems closed so I could not add any comments there
    ( GL-35 DSR "Firmware Update" icon missing? )

    So it seems that i have to renew the subject!
    I'm facing many problems with my 35dsr NAS in my office, Hanging time to time, not giving access and many more problems like that.
    but as long as i've searched for any updates i could not find any.
    my firmware is FT_2.0.0_20101012 with no update icon on my web page.
    Please help me because all of my little company is based on this tiny NAS and all of my employees are arguing with me because of time to time problems (loosing their access and lack of speed)
    Best Regards

    1.) backup all your data

    2.) Download the latest firmware: Link

    3.) Maybe your HDDs aren't good compatible, in this older device it's good to use older HDDs like WDxxEARS or EARX

    4.) Clean your HDDs with diskpart (they must be like "factory new")

    5.) Initialize the system with the latest firmware

    If this doesn't work it could be the time to upgrade to a newer device, from time to time it's neccessary to become up to date! :thumbup:

    Best regards,