Fantec RayPlay U2

    Fantec RayPlay U2

    Hello, lately my Fantec RayPlay U2 while watching a movie if I press the stop button or menu button does not return to the main menu as it did before but it restarts, goes on and off and then go to the main menu and redoing scanning the hard disk connected. How can I fix? I can download the firmware somewhere so that I can restore?

    it's possible that this is caused by some data failure on the HDD. Delete the theater folder media.db files, after that do a Windows Failure Scan and after finishing disconnect the HDD from the computer via Safe Eject (not only unplug the device).

    Now put it back to the TV, do a HDD scan und see what happens.

    For your information: it's not a software problem and there's no firmware available for this device.

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