Fantec SHS-221BT not charging? #2

    Fantec SHS-221BT not charging? #2


    I got the identical problem as described here:

    Fantec SHS-221BT not charging?

    The thread was closed but the problem obviously persists.

    Actually I had sent the headphone back to where I ordered it from, and got a replacement today.
    And behold, the same problem again! Two times in a row!

    So either there is a whole charge bad, or perhaps the current draw is too large?
    But I tried all sorts of chargers, incl iMac USB Ports which do support 1000mA 5V, with the same problem.
    Is it possible that the headphone draws more than 1A?
    it is claimed that 500mA suffice...

    PS: This was bought on ebay, Avides. Was it the same merchant as for the other thread?

    Thanks for help.

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