Files appear to be randomly deleted after reboot

    Files appear to be randomly deleted after reboot

    Dear Fantec Team,

    I bought a 3D AluPlay media player and had problems with it for the last 6 months.
    I returned it 3 times and yet again, it is shipped back with the same problem.
    When I copy files from PC to the HDD (via network), I can play those files as long as the player stays on.
    After shutting off the AluPlay and turning it back on, the files randomly disappear from the Hard Drive.
    Firmware has been updated and I tried different HDD's, still the issue persist.
    Could you please investigate seriously on this problem.
    Many thanks in advance


    there's an info flyer within the packaging how you MUST handle the device while it's connected to a computer, otherwise the files will be "deleted" every time the device is restarted.

    If you lost those info flyer you can contact our service via email and ask them to get a digital copy of it.

    Best regards,