GL-35DSR Not showing all file on Home Cinema

    GL-35DSR Not showing all file on Home Cinema


    I have a problem with my GL-35DSR Nas.
    I have 2 HDD 1To mounted BIG and I have copied approximatively 600Go of videos on it (approx. 700 files)
    I can see and access everything from my computer but I can only see and access the first 62 files I've copied from my Samsung Home cinema (certified DLNA).

    Anyone knows what could be the problem ?

    possibly the Home cinema and the UPnP server aren't perfectly compatible or and this is in most cases the problem:

    UPnP is extremly restrictive and many file formats doesn't supported so it's nearly always better to access your files via Samba Share. :thumbup:

    Best regards,
    <p>Hello Lars,</p>
    Thanks for your reply.

    Since I had the problem, I've try differt things to solve it.
    The best way I found is to add the video files one by one, one after the other from my computer HDD to the GL-35DSR connected with ethernet cable.

    Now everything works fine.