qb-35us3r problem

    qb-35us3r problem


    i have problem with write speed in qb-35us3r

    Toshiba DT01ABA200
    Samsung HD154UI
    Seagate ST96812AS

    they can't handle write speed over 10 MByte/sec for some unknown reason


    another problem is with Samsung HD154UI it's only show the 746,31 GB hdd size in raid 0

    how i can fix that?

    what the He**?! 8| 8o

    You know that it's highly recommend to use only HDD from the same type within a Raid? If you combine different HDD the speed will drop and the data got a high risk to lose!

    Also you're using a 60GB HDD within the Raid, so your complete system is extremly slow and got limited to only some Gigabyte.

    Please don't use ANY of this HDD and buy some new ones like this: Link

    They will work very good in a Raid for consumer products, be carefull and don't use RED, WD Green, NAS or other "special devices", it can also causes serious problems. :thumbup:

    Best regards,
    <p>Well it seems, hdd was all ok</p>

    <p>speed is needed enable in windows settings.</p>


    <p>now about the hdd size, seems like esata not work that good in this device, i needed first use the usb2 for format hdd and then i was possible use right size in esata.</p>

    <p>is there any firmware for fix esata problem?</p>