3DFHDL multimedia HD nuked?

    3DFHDL multimedia HD nuked?


    One week ago I bought a 3DFHDL multimedia HD, or player, as you call it.

    Following the instructions, I formatted the drive with TV menu, and started to copy movies inside. Suddenly, the copy stopped and now, no PC or TV recognize the 3DFHDL. The TV menu says "No device". Is the HD broken?

    Yesterday, the unit menu shown on TV gave me the chance to format "HDD" (don't ask me how it's appearing now and not before). After follow the on screen instructions, the system said the disk was formatted, congratulations and so. But when I connect the Fantec to a PC, or Mac, or Linux, the hard disk is not detected at all.

    Now I'm trying to load the firmware again, looking for a solution, but I cannot find the link to download this firmware. By the way, I don't understand a german word :(

    Can anybody help me, please? I've spent 345€ and I have not seen a movie on it.

    Best regards

    Hello Kote,

    maybe it's a beginner's fault: You should'nt re-format the HDD inside without cleaning all partitions on HDD before via USB-Connection to PC.
    After cleaning all the partitions, the USB-connection should be safely ejected with "safely remove"-Icon in Windows oer "eject" in Linux & the usb-cable removed.
    Now You can format the HDD inside the device via TV.

    Please try/check this before thinking about firmware!
    Check the sata-cable too (that it's good fixed in the ports).

    best regards, TM
    FANTEC R2750 (2 TB) + 3DFHDL (2 TB) + CL-35B1 (1 TB)

    DENON AVR 1910 (HD 7.1) . . . LG 37" LV5590 LED-TV

    If there is no HDD found, then there are these possibilies:
    - check the ac/dc powerdevice of the fantec
    - check the sata- & usb-cable on functionality
    - maybe you have usb3.0 on PC -> try usb2.0
    - if all before doesn't fit, put out the HDD off the fantec, place it inside the PC with a sata- & power-cable, can you see it now?
    - when the HDD is outside of the fantec, would it start now?

    FANTEC R2750 (2 TB) + 3DFHDL (2 TB) + CL-35B1 (1 TB)

    DENON AVR 1910 (HD 7.1) . . . LG 37" LV5590 LED-TV