Wireless connection impossible with FANTEC 3DHDL and wifi dongle

    Wireless connection impossible with FANTEC 3DHDL and wifi dongle


    I recieved my first FANTEC 3DFHDL with a wifi dongle included, but I can't connect to my wireless network:
    - usb wifi dongle is already plugged in the FANTEC 3DFHDL
    - I select "setup"
    - then "wireless setup"
    - then I select the SSID I want to connect to (Infrastructure (AP) mode)
    - then I put my WPA key (WPA TKIP+AES on 63 characters)
    - then the connection is in test
    - then a popup says: connection failed

    I'm sure my WPA key is right (4 trys), so I am wondering why I can't connect my Fantec with my wirless network, whereas all my wireless devices are well connected (movie cube, TV, ipad, phones, PC, etc).

    Do you have any solutions ?

    Thanks in advance,


    this Dongle? Link

    For all other Dongles there's no support!

    Also it's possible that you used the wrong password or the password is incompatible (try it with another password like 12345678). If this will work you can go on with a more secure password.

    Please note: is the latest firmware already installed?

    Best regards,
    <p>Hi Lars,</p>

    <p>Thanks for your answer. The problem has been solved:</p>

    <p>1- wifi wouldn't work with a WPA (TKIP+AES) on 63 characters &gt; I downgraded the wifi key on a WPA (TKIP) on 17 characters</p>

    <p>2- I put a static IP on my router linked to the MAC adress of my 3DHDL</p>

    <p>3- I set up the 3DHDL on &quot;DHCP Manual&quot; and put the static IP adress I saved on my router interface</p>

    <p>4- It works !!</p>

    <p>Best Regards,</p>