MR-35DU3 Version 2 Error: both HDD leds are red!

    MR-35DU3 Version 2 Error: both HDD leds are red!


    first of all, sorry for writing in English! hope you can provide me support nevertheless.

    After having used the MR-35DU3 V2 for a few days with just one drive, today I plugged in a second drive in JBOD mode. Everything worked well for ~5 minutes, then both HDD leds turned red and HDD drives were no more recognized. Tried to turn off and on, reset... no results, even without any HDD I get the red HDD leds and nothing works. Other leds (power, rebuild and mode) seem to work correctly.

    What can I do? can I try anything like firmware flashing? or should I only go for a warranty replacement?

    thanks for your help!

    <p>thanks for your answer and for having moved the question to the appropriate section.</p>

    <p>I tried these combinations:</p>

    <p>- only the hdd that worked in the last days in the same bay as it was<br />
    - the old hdd in the other bay<br />
    - only the new hdd in both bays<br />
    - the raid box alone without any hdd</p>

    <p>The result is always the same: hdds leds are red, no blinking or other visual codes.</p>

    <p>I also tried to launch the firmware update tool (following the instructions, so having at least 1 hdd in etc), but the box was not recognized.</p>

    <p>Moreover, it seems that hdds do not receive any power from the box. If I install them and turn the box on, I do not hear any noise from hdds, nor a spinning.</p>

    <p>I tested the hdds (the old and the new) with a single box and both of them work well.</p>

    <p>thanks in advance for any advice! don't really know what to do...</p>