P3700 does not recognize HDD properly

    P3700 does not recognize HDD properly


    last months I have problems with my P3700 and 1.5Tb WD HDD. Now player sometimes recognizes HDD (in browser), sometimes not. Even if HDD is recognized, I can browse folders, but I do not see any files. From time to time player freezes and reset is needed.

    I was suspecting HDD is dying, so I connected it to usb bridge and run diagnostics. Disk is ok. It vas fragmented so I did defragmentation. I installed it back in a player but same thing. But strange is, even player does not recognize disk in his browser, I can connect and browse disk thru network (NAS). So I guess HDD is not a problem.

    I installed latest firmware about 1-2 years ago. Problems began some months ago. Since sw worked year or two, only thing I can thing of is some electrolytic capacitors inside P3700. As I am electronics engineer I wil try to ehchange them.

    Did anyone had similar problem? Did anyone had a problem with capacitors? Thank you for your help.

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    no, the capacitors are not responsible for any Errors. ;)

    Please try another HDD to install in the Player. If it works, it is necessary to reestablish the old HDD. It means you have to save the files, to delete all partitions and to initialize the HDD in the Player Setup.

    Also it is possible that the Firmware is damaged. You should update the Firmware for new.

    Please test and try this steps at first.



    <p>I already tried with other HDD and same thing. On both disks I have only one partition. I guess problem is in the player itself. I will try to reload firmware, although I have no idea how it can become &quot;broken&quot;..?</p>