FANTEC QB-35RFEU3 - RAID 10 - Error one disk and Rebuid Problem

    FANTEC QB-35RFEU3 - RAID 10 - Error one disk and Rebuid Problem

    I set the Fantec to RAID 10 with 4 single disk of 2T each. Now the disk number 4 seems to have some problems.
    Immediately the ERROR led and REBUILD led turn on with RED color. Also the light that indicate witch HDD has a problem (in this case the number 4).
    The device start to do some activity of REBUILDING (I think) and I saw the HDD number 3 and 4 start to working with a lot of status led blinking.
    I let the device all the night switched on to give time for the REBUILD process. I know that with this huge amount of data it could be long.

    Now, after more than 24 hours, the situation is like this:
    The STATUS LED of the HDD number 4 is blinking with PURPLE and RED color.
    The Other STATUS LED are blue
    The Error led and REBUILD led are turned on always with RED color.

    Windows sometime show me the ICON of the disk but the only thing that I could do is "Formatting" (of course I didn't press yes)
    And sometimes also the ICON on "My computer" disappear like the device in switched off or disconnected.
    I have Windows 8.1 and the Fantec is connected to the PC through USB 3.0.

    What can I do?
    I have only to wait because the REBUILD process is not terminated yet?
    I have do to something on the broken disk o through some windows command?

    I have attached some images of the device.
    Please, someone help me, I have a lot of work on that HDD and I thought that RAID 10 was a secure way to store them.

    Thanks in advance

    i think now the Rebuild should be finished and the Volume is accessible normally again?!

    What you described is the normal rebuild process and this takes very long with 8TB in Raid 10 (up to 40 hours and more if the HDDs aren't the fastest ;) ).

    Please let us know if everything went fine or if you need more help...and VERY important, don't do something over-hasty, this causes the most problems! :thumbup:

    Best regards,
    Yes, the rebuilt operation I think is terminated.
    Now the REBUILT LED is turned off and all the Status LED of the HDD are blue.
    Only the ERROR led and the led of HDD number 4 (the one that had the problem) are turned on.

    I see the icon of the Hard drive (in my case is S) but when I double click on that icon It opens a popup asking me to formatting the Hard drive (I immediately close that panel, the word FORMAT always scare me)
    So I open the Disk management and I see that the HDD (S:) is online, but in a kind of file system that I don't know (RAW)

    What I have to do?
    <p>Ok, so I will buy a new identical HDD.</p>

    <p>I will&nbsp;insert in in my Fantec Case and after that, I have to do something or automatically it will be inizialiyze and formatted in the corrected way?</p>

    <p>After that windows will recoginze it again?<br />
    <br />
    Thanks<br />
    <p>Thanks for the answer.<br />
    I want to order a new HDD. One year ago I bought 4 Western Digital HHD of 2T each. The serial Number&nbsp;was WD20EARS.<br />
    I try to find the exactly same model, but in every italian online store I found only the newer version, the WD20EZRX.</p>

    <p>These two models have the same specifications, I try to read something on the web and seems that the new one is a bit faster and a bit less energy saver.<br />
    This is the link of the article:<br />
    <a href="">Whats the difference with these drives? - Overclock3D Forums</a></p>

    <p><br />
    Do you think that this little change of speed&nbsp;could be a problem?<br />
    <p>Hi, The new HDD is arrived.<br />
    I put it inside the fantec's case and all the operation of rebuild are terminated.<br />
    Now all the LEDS are blue and luckly nothing is RED.</p>

    <p>Now the File system is displayed as &quot;RAW&quot; and Windows&nbsp;shows me&nbsp;&quot;disk not formatted. Do you want to format now?&quot;<br />
    <br />
    What can I do to recover the partition form RAW to NTFS without loosing all my precious data?<br />
    I have to use any specific software? If yes, could you suggest me one?</p>

    <p>Can you help me?<br />
    <br />
    Thanks<br />
    BR<br />

    have you observed that the HDD must be exchanged while the device is running? Otherwise this could be a problem... =O

    You can try to take the HDD out of the QB while it's powered off, then power it on and put the HDD in the QB when it's already running and displays an error!

    Best regards,
    <p>No, I change the HDD while the device was turned off.<img alt="surprise" src="" style="height:23px; width:23px" title="surprise" /><br />
    I didn't find any documentation about this and nobody told me.<br />
    Now I have followed your instruction and I turn off the device without the new HDD. After that I put it in while the QB was already Running.<br />
    The rebuild is stared and the SATATUS LED number 3 and number 4 are working.<br />
    I have already my finger crossed.</p>

    FANTEC QB-35RFEU3 - RAID 10 - Rebuilding problem

    I opened this tread because in the other one I can't replay after my last post.

    I think that the rebuild process is terminated.
    In fact both rebuild and Error LED are off and only the status LED related to the new HDD (the one just inserted) is blinking in blue.

    What does it means, why is blinking?
    Usually when everything is OK the 4 status LED are always blue.

    Windows is still shows me the QB HDD in a RAW format.
    yes it's still in RAW.

    So I run the "testdisk" to repair the partition table.

    I'm not an pro user but I follow all the instruction.
    I run the program in admin privilege
    I create the log file
    I select my external HDD
    I select the partition table type: INTEL
    I select the option "ANALIZE"

    I receive a message
    "Partition sector doesn't have the endmark 0xAA55"
    I continue and after several hours of analysis it gives me this result
    "The hard disk is too small, the following partition can't be recovered"

    What I have to do now?
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