3DAluplay - Autoplay

    3DAluplay - Autoplay

    i have bought your product since last novembre 2013, and i still have a big trouble with autoplay with the mediaplayer
    I have inside one hd Western Digital 2 tb green.
    All time that when i try to turn on your product it going in lock
    To unlock it i must turn off the 3dalu with the meccaninc bottom rear.
    I have tried to delete the folder inside...but nothing
    I have upgrade the system with memory usb...nothing too
    I ask you what i must do, believe me its very boring all time turn off and turn on the mediaplayer ...i wish be happy with it and use only remote control
    I wait for your assistance
    My greatings
    Gianfranco Cech (Turin-ITALY)

    possibly it's a problem with the HDD (failure) or in combination with the player but it's impossible to know without testing it.

    Could you try another HDD? I would advise this procedure at first because it's often a problem with defective HDDs!

    Best regards,
    <p>i have tried with 3 new hd all by western digital</p>

    <p>all the same 2 tb</p>

    <p>green, black and red (made it for nas)</p>

    <p>i will explain you how i have done with it</p>

    <p>first i have mounted new hd insiede and it the system formated it</p>

    <p>later i have used a memory usb pen drive to upgrade firmaware</p>

    <p>then i have connect the mediaplayer to my pc (windows 7 ) by usb</p>

    <p>when connect it a pop up tolf me about a troble to fix and i done it</p>

    <p>well i have created a new folder inside the mediaplayer</p>

    <p>then i have copy into the mediapler about 200 movie .mkv</p>

    <p>now pls tell me if i have made a mistake because this trouble drive me crazy.</p>

    <p>many thx for your kind helps.</p>


    only for information: it's not good to use Black and Red series in consumer products because these HDD types can causes problems. :thumbup:

    I think you've done everything correct so if it's still a problem please use less data for a last test, it's possible that one or more movies are defective and the device freezes when it scans these files.

    If not you should contact your merchant for a RMA so the device could be checked at our side.

    Best regards,