3DFHDL trouble with subtitles

    3DFHDL trouble with subtitles

    Can anyone shed any light on why subtitles disappear when I pause or fast forward video. This happens on ISO files VOB files and m2ts files played from the internal HDD (also USB drive) . Subtitles are set to 'on' in set up and I am running FW v10.1.11 r10846. As I said, on VOB and ISO files I can select subtitles from the set-up screen of the video but they disappear when video is paused. I can get them back by going back to the set-up menu on the video and reselecting 'subtitles on' and starting again.The Fantec overlay 'subtitle box ' also appears to lose the subtitle option and reverts to not displaying a subtitle option once video is paused etc. Sometimes I can't even get the device to show the subtitles from m2ts. The subtitles are there as I can see them on my PC with VLC , Windows Media Player and XBMC.
    I have searched this topic and it seems somebody else had the same problem about a year ago and it was suggested there was a firmware problem with subtitles.
    Any suggestions appreciated

    Cheers Liam

    you could try the new firmware which was released today it fixes the DVD subtitle problem with unselectable subtitles.

    Your problem isn't adjustable at our side but possibly there's a context between this!

    Best regards,
    <p>Hi Lars, I'll try The new firmware and see how it goes.</p>

    <p>Is the latest firmware v10.1.11_r11334. If not I would be greatfull if you could point me in the right direction.</p>

    <p>cheers Liam<br />
    <p>Hi, I have installed the new update firmware, and subtitles&nbsp; are now working . I can now 'pause' and &nbsp; 'fast-forward' without problems. This seems to apply to all my file formats including, DVD folder (VOB),&nbsp; ISO (Blu Ray and DVD), and m2ts files. I have also streamed&nbsp; m2ts along with subtitles from Windows Media Player. So&nbsp; great news.</p>

    <p>Thanks for your help Liam</p>