Subtitles encoding

    Subtitles encoding

    Hey everyone, sorry to write in English..Deutsch is not my strong side :)

    Just a short question, RayPlay U3..subtitle encoding is set by default to Asian (not sure if it is Japanese, Chinese or something else), of course can change it to Western/Central European and it works ok..just the problem is the player doesnt remember the settings, it reverts back to Asian the moment I just pause the movie and of course also if the player is switched off and started again. How to set the default encoding lets say to Central European and make the machine remember the settings? Tried but failed.


    Do you have changed the Settings in Playback Mode? Changes in Playback Mode are only temporarily. You have to Change it in the Setup Menu. There you can Setup the Standard Language.

    Please start the Player and go to the Setup. There you can Change the Language for Text Encoding in "System". Then move to the "Subtitle" Menu in the Setup. There you can also Change the language. Now leave the Setup and Switch off the RayPlay. Then start the RayPlay again and test it. What happens?