FANTEC AluMovie HD Version 2

    FANTEC AluMovie HD Version 2

    Un saluto

    Ho il fantec alumovie hd version 2 ed ho aggiornato il firmware con questo…

    al riavvio compare la scritta fantec per un po' poi tutto nero !!

    grazie per l'aiuto ;(

    firmware precedente Firmware 111118 v1.3.5 --->aggiornato con --->… ?(

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    post your Problems in english please. This is a german Support Board with an English/international section, but we can only give Support in english.

    I translated your Post and i hope i unterstood it correctly.

    You have updated an AluMovie HD Version 2 by the linked Firmware, is it correct? Now you can see only the fantec lettering on black backgound after restart?

    At first please use only the Donwload Section on the official Website in the future, not links from a Websearcher or so.

    The Problem is, the Version 2 of the Alu Movie HD has already installed the latest Firmware. It is not recommened to update it again. This Firmware Update you have used is only for the AluMovie HD V1.

    Please stay tuned for an answer from Lars next week. He can explain you what you can do.