QB-35US3 USB 3 low performances

    QB-35US3 USB 3 low performances


    I just bought a Fantec QB-35US3 from Amazon.

    I connect it to my pc (motherboard ASUS P8Z77-V LX latest bios, 1902 --
    SO: Windows 7 SP1) in the USB 3.0 port but Windows tell me "the device
    could go faster if connected to an USB 3.0 port" (free translation from
    italian :) )... when I transfer file from my internal SSD to 1 HD (3TB
    WD) inside the QB, transfer rate are 40MB/s with 1 x 3GB file.. much
    less if I transfer smaller files.

    I checked with ASUS site and I'd installed all new driver releases. I
    did also Windows 7 updates. I did trasfer test with the original cable
    and with another cable from amazon, same results.

    What could be wrong? Is there an QB firmaware update I could check?

    Thank you
    Ok, here I am :)

    Model QB-35US3 (it is not the RAID version)
    SN: 328121430000208 (I'm not sure that is the right SN, because I can not find "S/N" anywhere, but there is a small white label in the bottom, with this number)

    My PC has 2 port USB 3.0, I tried both, same problem.

    Today I tried with a PC at work... QB-35US3 worked fine first time, transfering at 60-70MB/s (with files of 2 or 3 GB).
    Then I turned off QB, the pc and went home. In the afternoon I tried again some test and... same problem as my home pc!?
    "the device could go faster if connected to an USB 3.0 port" --> transfer rate dropped to 40MB/s :(

    your QB should support the Intel controller aswell as all other controllers (SN is okay!).

    The test at work also showed that the QB is okay and this means for me that your computer got a problem. ;)

    Some Internet rumors describes USB3.0 controller problems on some Mainboards and that only buying a different Mainboard brings the solution. 8o (as i understand this problem wouldn't be accepted as a warranty failure by some MB manufacturers :S )

    Hope you can find a solution to fix your Mainboard or at least exchange it, as it seems this could be your only choice...

    Best regards,