QB-X8US3 problem... HDDs no more recognize (Fans don't work neither)

    QB-X8US3 problem... HDDs no more recognize (Fans don't work neither)

    Hello,I bought in the July 2012 a FANTEC QB-X8US3.Everything was fine, for a year the unit worked properly with my 5 HDD (1.5 and 2 TB).I didn’t use it for a long time and today I bought a new 3 TB HDD and now when I turn on the unit the fans work not all the time and hard disks are not recognized from the pc (esata) or multimedia player device (usb 3.0).I tried with all the hard disks, in different slots, only 1 one of them, none of them, changed USB 3.0 cables etc…... It's always the same problem… During all my tests, I put fan in manual and I heard it sometimes (but not anymore…).Sometimes one disk is recognize…This is random and unreliable, something no longer works. Thank you to help me please. Best regards.

    Yeah I tested all things possible with only one disk (2to or 1.5to)...
    Is that it is a failure that often with this product?

    I will ask for a RMA today.
    By the way, it been 13 months (July 2012) I bought this product on amazon germany (I'm french), what about warranty? One year, two year?



    Amazon.de don't accept return product after 30 days after the purchase.

    So I must contact Fantec to use my warranty.

    Do you have an official adress and tell me what will be classical steps to be performed if warranty works? It will be nice.

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