New here....

    New here....

    Hello everyone, I just bought myself a RayMovie box today. Actually I already took the Western Digital Media Player home this morning, but after 1 hour I took it back to the shop and changed for the Fantec version. Too much connectivity on the WD imo.
    Of course, I don't know all trucs yet on my little box, but some questions I already have. And the most important for me is that I like to convert all my DVD's ( except for my absolute favorites ) to a format that can be played on the box.
    I did some work already, and first question is, to what to convert and what program. I discovered MKV files, they are easy to create, and the quality looks good. However I tried DVDfab, what reduces file size, but takes a long time to convert. I also tried MakeMKV, what is very fast, but no compression and the subtitles are included in the movie file.

    Second question, maybe the most important, how can I organize my movies, should I create folders on my HD, or should I make folders in my player ? The last one I would like to do so, but I just can not fins how that works yet. AND, how do I get thumbnails for every movie next to the title ?

    Last question for now, when playing a movie I saw that when using the option button and then subtitle I can only switch language, but not the color. In the main menu I also changed this to yellow but so far all subs are white.

    Thanks !

    1. of course you can convert to mkv, but you can also make iso's. This Player can also Play full Images, with DVD Menue etc.!

    Sorry but we cannot make tips or How To's to create those files, it is only a Support Board for the Players not for Third Party Software. ;)

    2. For sure you must create Folders on the HDD, you cannot create Folders in the Player himself. To organize your Content, you should make it on PC. There you can create a Folder structure like you want.

    3. Please go to the Setup / subtitles --> Color. There you can set Colors like red, yellow and so on.

    Hi, thanks for the reply.
    About the formats, I was just asking what type to use, I will experiment first.

    I posted a lot of questions, but maybe I need to get used to the player first... So I deleted them, will have to learn first.

    I was reading the manual already 3 times, but could not really find my answers yet...

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    OK, 2 questions, first, why can I not create any folders in the Movie folder ? I can make folders and sub-folders on my hard drive, but I would like to create a media Library, with for every movie a title, photo and maybe a little information. So far no success.
    Second, changing the color of subtitles is impossible. I don't need it now, but for some movies it could be helpful.

    Thanks for any help, tips or links...

    well i think there is something you will missunderstand.

    "Movie, Music and Photo! are not classical Folders !!! This three Things are "categorys", a part of the internal Media Library from the Player himself. You cannot create any Folders their. If you activate the scan Function in the Setup, the Player will automaticly search for Movie, Music and Photo Content. After it the Player will sort your Content by this three cateogrys, not more!

    If you want to use a normal Folder structure, you should not use the media library, you should only use the Filebrowser.

    If you cannot Change the subtitle Color by Setup, there is a Problem with the Subtitles. Please note: You can only Change the Color from normal Subtitles. forced Subtitles cannot changed.

    By the way, you should not try to Change the Color in the Setup, by playing a movie, you should stop the movie completely at first.