External HDD not detected!

    External HDD not detected!


    I'm owner of a Fanted MM FDHL media player and very satisfied until now. Yesterday i bought an external 3,5'' 3tb hdd and moved there all my stuff. Unfortunately, while the drive functions fully in windows enviroment and generally in my pc, when i connect it to the player it's not detected at all, even after half an hour...
    any ideas?

    thanks a lot.

    sorry but the FHDL is EOL something about 2 Years. There is no Chance of any Firmware Updates. By the way the 2 TB Problem is not a Firmware Problem. The Realtek Chipset cannot manage more than 2 TB per Memory Unit. By the way you will find this Informations in the Datasheets all over the Internet.

    For sure the Price of the 3DFHDL is much higher than the FHDL. It is state of the Art at this Moment!

    Sorry, but i think i have to close this Thread now, because there is nothing more to say. :thumbup:


    i think you didn't know that this isn't a problem or failure of the MM-FHDL, it's just a limitation of the Chipset inside the MM-FHDL. As the FHDL was released in the Year 2009 there wasn't any bigger HDD and due to the fact that HDD over 2TB must be formatted with GPT it's impossible to support larger HDD with older Players (it's like Windows XP and so on, you can't update these products, because of the fact that the bigger HDDs needs new technology which wasn't available years ago).

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