3DFHDL Support in English - Non German Speaker

    3DFHDL Support in English - Non German Speaker


    I have own a 3DFHDL since a few days. The quality of the image seems very good. I just have few issues operating the device

    I am sure that most or even all of these issues are already addressed in this forum, but as I don't speak German, it's rather difficult for me to search for a solution.
    So, sorry in advance if I ask already answered questions:

    1) 3DFHDL hangs
    If I power off the device in the middle of a movie (this can happen when you watch a movie with kids) and the turn the power on again and select the same movie, a dialog proposes to resume the movie from the previous point.
    Very nice feature, except for the fact that when I select “OK” to resume the film the 3DFHDL hang completely and the only way out is to press and hold the power button to shut-down and then turn on the 3DFHDL again.
    Is this a known issue? Is there a workaround?

    - Video: MPEG4 Video (H264) 718x554 (247:134) 25fps 1692kbps
    - Audio: AAC 48000Hz stereo 159kbps
    - Text (Subtitle)

    2) Subtitles
    The subtitle popup menu is overly complex.
    Besides this, the video starts with English subtitles by default. If I select “off”, the subtitles don’t go away.
    I have to select “language 2” (or something like that) to make the sub-titles go away.
    Is this a bug or something?

    3) Thumbnail
    Can I freely create directories on the HDD to save movie files in or am I supposed to save movie files in a specific directory?
    Unless I missed something, this is not explained in the manual.
    Also, how do I add a thumbnail image to a movie file, so that it appears in the Movie menu, instead of the default icon?

    4) Firmware update.
    I can I check the current firmware version?
    Where can I download the newest firmware?

    5) Language selection.
    A movie I am watching on the 3DFHDL has two languages: 1-English 2-Italian.
    On a window PC with Media Player Classic, they are correctly listed as "English" and "Italian".
    Why on the 3DFHDL they are both listed as "AAC"

    6) SSH
    Is it possible to connect via SSH to the 3DFHDL?

    Sorry for the long post and thank you in advance for any help.


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    it would be better if you use the English Section and don't try to search for answers and post within the German Section. ;)

    1.) I think this could be caused by your movie-files or if streamed via Ethernet it's possible that it's a problem with your network storage. No known issue and you're the only one (so it's nearly 100% not a defect or bug)

    2.) I think it's also like on point 1 an issue with your movie-files, try other file formats or reencode your movies (also it's possible to deactivate subtitles within the Setup).

    3.) It's explained in the manual. :thumbup: Also you can have a look at this Thread: Link

    4.) Also explained in the manual and the answer is: on our website or in the Firmware Threads right here in the Forum. The FW Version is accessible through the Setup.

    5.) It's again a problem with your movie-files, you need to reencode the movie and make sure that the subtitles are correctly named.

    6.) No.

    Best regards,