P2570 problem with russian subtitles

    P2570 problem with russian subtitles


    I bought recently the media player FANTEC P2570. It worked well except that each time at start it requested to format the hard drive,
    as was mentioned in one of the previous threads on this forum
    P2570 Request to format HDD - FHDS, FHDL, P2550, P2700, XMP600 - Fantec Forum
    Since, as I understood, there was no possibility to avoid this request, I've formated the hard drive.
    After that I discovered that all russian subtitiles, which before worked perfectly, are displayed by chinise (or something of this type) hieroglyphs.
    I changed the encoding for subttiles to cyrillic, but this did not help. Equally, I tried all other possible encodings without any result.
    How can one cure this problem?
    Thank you in advance
    Hello salexand !

    And after that ...

    Please tell us, how do you formated the HDD ??
    Inside the fantec device or via USB on PC ?
    Last one is not good - you should only clean ALL partitions, but don't format it !!
    After that you can let the fantec device format the HDD.

    And please after using it via USB do a "safe disconnect" from PC EVERYtime !!

    Then you should have no problems with that anymore.
    Regards, TM
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    I formated the HDD using the corresponding menu option in FANTEC media player.
    So no PC was involved in this process.

    This is what I get in the "system information" menu:

    Software:v7.0.3 r3702
    Compiled at:Apr 12 15:58:23 2010
    HWaddr (eth0):00:CE:39:60:FB:03
    HWaddr (wlan0):Unknown
    HDD model ST 1000DM003-9YN1
    HDD capacity 1.0TB
    HDD free space:943.8GB

    Does it need to be upgraded?
    And if yes, how?

    Thanks for your help!

    salexand wrote:

    Software:v7.0.3 r3702
    it is a very old firmware.

    You can update the firmware. You will find it FANTEC GmbH - Firmware there.

    Scroll down to the P2570. Then you will find 3 Firmware Downloads. The first - and two newer Firmwares.

    Please note you have to install both newer Firmwares!!!

    At first you have to install the r4224. After it is done you have to install the r5416.

    To install a firmware you need an USB Stick (or more, because sometimes USB Sticks can make trouble).

    You will find a detailed, english PDF-Manual in the Firmware ZIP-File.