QB-35US3R and the same speed whit and whitout Raid5

    QB-35US3R and the same speed whit and whitout Raid5

    hi to everyone,
    i hope this forum will help me, because the customer service didn't do...

    this is the system situation:
    ASUS P6TDELUXE whit a Kraun USB 3.0 PCI-E card installed, whit latest driver.
    QB-35US3R whit 4 Seagate Barracuda (version 14, the latest and speedest), 2GB x 4 = 8 Gb

    set in raid 5 mode, 6 Gb aviable.

    speed test whit blackmagic disk speed test in this configuration: aprox 170/180 MBps
    whit one of the four disk i try to make a direct test, put inside the system whit sata cable and try the test: 170/180 MBps the same speed!
    (this speed is declared by seagate for the new barracuda, then it's the real maximum speed of the disk)

    in raid 5 there will be fast and security like raid 0 and raid 1 but better of raid 10! ok for security but the speed? i have not see any increase...
    maybe the fantec raid controller is not a good controller?
    customer service didn't know, not only the solution, but seeing the reply seems they don't know how raid 5 work!! ?(

    you know that you're still at Fantec here? :D

    First: the Raid Controller is one of the best in this field.

    Second: ~180MB/s is nearly maximum speed for USB3.0 currently, this is very fast and i doesn't have seen any faster PCI-e cards yet.

    Ok and about your configuration: the maximum performance with a Raid 5 configured with 3 HDDs is slower then a Raid 10 or Raid 0. A Raid 5 with 4 HDDs is in every configuration the slowest solution because of the parity system (for maximum performance a Raid 5 must be impair configured: 3, 5, 7, 9 and so on).

    I think everything is okay at your side, the only point is that you expect to much from a Raid 5!

    Best regards,
    thx for your reply, and yes, i know, i'm still in fantec land here, where found a better place to have reply at my question about?? :thumbsup:

    please let me know if i'm wrong:

    u say 180 MBps (Mega Bytes per second, for all...) is near the maximum speed of usb 3.0 standard
    usb3.0 standard best speed is 5Gbps (Giga Bits per second), and is equal at aprox 600 MBps (Mega Bytes per second), correct?
    seagate barracuda work at 180MBps, declared from seagate and tested whit sata (3Gbps...)
    then, if i'm correct, the speed of the disk is lower than all 2 standard, sata and usb3, then this 2 standard never make slowdown of the system and trasfer speed, they have more speed of the disk...
    if i connect only 1 disk in the fantec whit usb 3.0, fastest speed is 180MBps
    if i connect 2 disk, in raid 1 and also in raid 0, the fastest speed is 180MBps
    if i connect 4 disk in raid 0, 1, 3, 5 and 10 the fastest speed in all configuration is always and ever 180MBps

    now, i know 180 Mbps is a good speed but is enough if you want to acquire full hd 10 bit video signal...
    i don't understand why there are not NEVER a difference in speed, in all cases!
    another thing, when i start copy in windows, exemple from SD (400x lexar sd card) of big file, 1GB and bigger, to the fantec, all in usb3, at start the speed seems very slow.
    i've try to make this, before a big copy i try to copy a big file (1GB) for a few second and stop copy.
    after i start whit the copy of the file inside the card or inside the system hd (sata) and the copy speed seems good, whit high value...
    i try in another system to make the same, this system have usb3 on board (new motherboard) and it work fine from begin, whit usb 3 high speed...

    i hope fantec controller is really, u say that, one of the best in this field... for the moment i've see is the cheapest (and this is very good)..

    thanks, i hope u can help me!