Problems with QB-35US3 (No-RAID) and eSata/Help on firmware update

    Problems with QB-35US3 (No-RAID) and eSata/Help on firmware update

    Hello, recently I purchased a QB-35US3, and installed 2x HDD WD20EARS.
    All works fine using USB3 port, connected to an USB3 (NEC chipset) PCIe inside my HP/Widows 7 x64 desktop.
    Now I want to use my QB-35US3 eSata port to connect to my MacBookPro Core2Duo 2.33Ghz with OS X 10.6.6 Snow Leopard installed, so I bought an ExpressCard34 to eSata made by AKE, model BC338 (JMicron JMB36x chipset) that should support Port Multiplier with FLS based switching.
    The card is correctly recognized by the System Profiler, and the blue leds on QB-35US3 panel shows me the link active and there's eSata activity, but all I can see is the 2nd HDD blue led flashing forever. No disks mounted by filesystem.
    I supposed a problem with this card together with OSX with Port Multiplier, so I tested it on my Windows 7 laptop.
    It seems that no drivers are needed by Win7 x32, so, connected the eSata cable... same results... 2nd HDD led flashing and no mount.

    I've found on Fantec's support/download website, a firmware update for my enclosure (Firmware_FANTEC_QB-35US3_255. but I'm a bit scared to apply because the included instructions are a bit different from what I can see starting FwUpdateTool_v1_16_00_T2.exe.


    4. Under chipset you will find "JMS551/539 Series" displayed.

    But I read Chip: JM20337
    Status: Not JMicron Chip!!

    with USB DISK pointing to <<USB>> Generic-Compact Flash

    Changing value in USB DISK to <<USB>> WDC WD20EARS-00MVWB0 (my first HDD inside QB-35US3)
    I see Chip: JMS551/539 Series, and f/w version is, I think older then downloaded

    At the end of instructions text I read:
    Note: Please make sure to have a hard disk is installed in Slot 1. The selected RAID mode and all data are not affected by the update.

    Does this means that I should have ONLY ONE DISK, on slot 1should I upgrade with both disks installed ?

    Cause Mac doesn't support yet USB3, eSata seems to me the only way to connect to QB-35US3.
    Can someone please suggest me a tested/working eSata ExpressCard34 model ?



    UPDATE: I just updated QB-35US3 firmware to v. but the problem persist, still having 2nd HDD led always flashing and no mount both on Mac and PC using eSata.

    2nd UPDATE: I just tested the AKE BC338 ExpressCard on an Asus Laptop with Windows 7. Card need to be plugged BEFORE power on, otherwise it will be not detected. Then I downloaded and installed this driver from JMICRON ftp site. Now I'm able to use both disks inside QB-35US3 also using eSata from a second PC.

    The only problem to solve is how to use this ExpressCard on a MacBookPro with Snow Leopard...

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    please read the first post:
    Changing value in USB DISK to <<USB>> WDC WD20EARS-00MVWB0 (my first HDD inside QB-35US3)

    I see Chip: JMS551/539 Series
    You must select the QB first, otherwise the first device on you Computer will be shown.

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