Third-party service for MM-HDBTL?

    Third-party service for MM-HDBTL?


    First of all: a HAPPY newyear to you all! May 2013 be a good and healthy year! :thumbsup:

    Next week I will be a new user of the "oldy" MM-HDBTL (from a friend).
    My friend can't answer the following questions: Does the MM-HDBTL support an internet service such as: Youtube, Facebook, CBS news etc? Or can it be build in with the latest Firmware? The MM-HDBTL can connect to the internet (LAN or WLAN) so it can also reach the internet services... or could I be wrong? I have searched on the web for it and I can't find it in the manual. I have been told, that the 3DXHDS has the functionality, but that's a newer device.

    Hopefully there is an answer to these questions. Many thanks in advance. :)

    Hello and and a happy new year too :thumbup: ,

    oh dear, that is right! The HDBDL is one of the oldest Fantec Media Player you can get. ;) It is so old, that you cannot find it in the forum yet. :thumbup: It is a player-veteran :D .

    It is not a bad player, but very very old and of course without any internet functions. You can only use the LAN/WLAN Function for the Home Network to use it like a NAS or as a Bittorrent Cliennt, but not more.

    The manual you are searching for, you will find at the end of this Message to download as a PDF.

    The 3DXHDS is the newest Player but only a little brother/sister of the 3DS4600 and both are only Streaming Clients. They have no option for a built in HDD. If you want a real Player with internal HDD, you have to buy something like P3700, 3DFHDL, 3DAluPlay or so. At this machines it is possible to use some Internet functions like flickr/picasa/Youtube or so but not social media networks. But you can use this by the integrated webbrowser.


    To Download the following PDF please use the Right Click Button and the "save target as" function.