3DS4600 and MVC Files

    3DS4600 and MVC Files

    I bought this mediaplayer only for being able to replay 3D MVC streams on my 3D TV set. According to the specifications on the website this should be possible...?

    Why doesn't this work as it should? It only plays the file in 2D without any useful option to play it in 3D...

    It is misleading if it will not be possible, I am very dissapointed in Fantac at this stage.

    These are the 3D specifications:

    3D Video Format:
    - 3D Frame-Packing
    - 3D MVC (Multiview Video Coding)
    - 3D SbS (Side by Side)
    - 3D TaB (Top and Bottom).

    Hoping to find a solution soon... (answers in German is no problem, I can read and understand that)