Upgrade from v7.3.24 r5026 to r5416 does not work

    Upgrade from v7.3.24 r5026 to r5416 does not work

    Hallo everybody,

    I do have a problem with updating the firmware from r5026 to 5416 (I'd like to have youtube on the TV :) ..)

    I simply cannot upgrade the player. I tried two was:
    1. to go to system menu / system update but when I choose this option the stop sign shows on the TV.
    2.I tried to pull out the power cord, press and hold the ON/OFF button
    while putting the power jack into the media player, but got just the
    "fantec" screen on the TV...

    Current release (System / System
    Software: v7.3.24 r5026
    Compiled at: Dec 16 21:42:23 2010
    Bootloader: 0000.0202.1026L
    Board: 1073DD

    Any idea how can I upgrade the firmware?

    Many thanks in advance


    Hello Marek!

    Please, try different USB-sticks. Somtimes there are some problems, but other should work ...
    You've tried this one ..?

    Best regards & good luck, TM
    FANTEC R2750 (2 TB) + 3DFHDL (2 TB) + CL-35B1 (1 TB)

    DENON AVR 1910 (HD 7.1) . . . LG 37" LV5590 LED-TV

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