p3700 sound problem with sp/dif

    p3700 sound problem with sp/dif

    hi all.i have recently bought a fantec p3700. it is hooked up to my bose lifestyle 48 but i have a problem with sound from spdif optical. when i play a movie the sound scracthes and disappears for a second or 2 it is like that during the whole movie.i have upgraded with new firmware but the problem remains.can anyone tell me what the problem is and how to fix it.

    best regards :jesper
    Hello Jesper!

    1. Is the scratching noise in every movie or is it just in one ?
    2. What kind of movie is it - tell us please the important information (video & audio codecs & specs) of the movie - is it a HD audio source?
    3. If you start again or go back & play the same part again - is the scratchy noise at the same place or not?

    Best regards, TM
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