Insufficient USB-power supply?

    Insufficient USB-power supply?


    When I turn on my FHDS from stand by with the remote control and the external hard drive plugged in, the hard drive isn't found, LED on drive on permanently, doesn't flash as it should.
    If main supply to FHDS is switched off/on and front button on FHDS is used to turn on the unit, my drive is found and works flawless.
    Is the issue strictly related to my hard drive?
    I wondered if a Fantec firmware update would do any difference?

    Unit: TV-FHDS Software v7.3.24r5026
    Hard drive: Western Digital Elements 1 TB NTFS 2,5" SE WDBABV0010BBK

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    That is not true. My Iomega 200 GB 2,5" wakes up after stand by and can be plugged in permanently without any problems.
    I believe the following will prove, that the problem is power-related and that Fantec FHDS does NOT supply 2 x 500 mA USB-power:

    1. With a dual USB A to Micro B cable, both USB A in FHDS, no difference. The drive spins up and stops after stand by.

    2. With a dual USB A to Micro B cable, USB A signal+power in FHDS, USB A power in my PC (!), the Western Digital will wake up after stand by, everything works fine.

    I guess my options are:
    Replace FHDS
    Replace WD drive
    Use an active USB-hub with power supply

    Any other suggestions? It seems strange, because the problem is just the opposite on another unit (DVD-player with USB).

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