Stream audio from pc to S3600

    Stream audio from pc to S3600

    I try to use the windows media player as streaming towards the S3600 (connected to my stereo).
    ALthough WMP recognises the Fantec S3600 as a Realtec media player, it will not start playing.
    Any tips/tricks?

    The fantec will play in a similar way from my synology NAS without issues.

    using the S3600 as media renderer

    my system: Win7 64 ultimate , mediaplayer 12

    Foobar works, but I do not really like the foobar user interface....

    Unfortunately, the Upnp/DLNA implementation of the 3600 is not Ok: both my Synology and Foobar will loose connection in between mp3's. Sometimes this will take 2 songs, sometimes 10 songs.
    Both WMP and Twonky do not work at all (twonky crashes).

    I borrowed a WD tv live from a friend, and it all works flawlessly.
    So for Video and audio playback S3600 is very good, but it is not ok when used as DMR renderer. Hopefully it will improve with a firmware upgrade.

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