3d iso 3d sbs problem

    3d iso 3d sbs problem


    i have just bought this player and i found a problem. When i play 3d iso and 3d sbs the remote freeze and i can't do anythings (forward rewind pause etc etc) only working taste is the one that send player to stand by. I've update to last firmware without solving problem.
    Any ideas?

    thanks for answering ,I could try your solution even if i don't have other 3d tv in another room, but it would seems to me really strange that external interferences from other device could recognize what is playing and block remote only when are going 3d contents while all others formats go perfectly.

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    i think found problem's origin:my Panasonic pt-ae 5000 vpr transmit such a 'big' signal in 3d mode(to make it stable,reliable connection to the glasses) that it overrules the siglas sent by your remote.This should be the problem but i'm still looking for the solutions : android or ios app, a different remote , any help would be welcome


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