How to pick up a stream from nas

    How to pick up a stream from nas

    Hello, i am a first day user of S3600 and pretty impressed by the speed and versatility of this little black box!

    I would like to stream music from my NAS towards the S3600, the S3600 should pick up the signal and pass it to my amplifier.

    How to set this up?

    The NAS part has been set up, I start synology audio player in streaming mode (fantec is recognised as client).
    but then???
    thanks for helping me out,

    you will use the DLNA Client Funktion, is it right? Then you have to set your NAS as a DLNA/UPNP Server (The NAS must have this function, it does not work with a normal NAS Connection like SMB or so). That is recommened to play something via the UPNP/DLNA Server-Client Method.

    Got it!
    Synology audio station has got two choices:
    -streaming mode
    -Media renderer

    I had to pick the Media renderer, and then (below the buttons) choose the "intel embedded realtek"

    Works like a charm!
    I can now control music from the laptop and Ipad without turning on the TV, its like magic has entered the house....

    Thanks for your help, it was good to know that S3600 plays automatically, that pointed me in the right direction!

    no problem ;) !

    Yes that is right, i have forgotten to tell it with renderer and streaming mode.

    much fun with it and "feel the magic" :thumbsup: .

    I will close that thread. if there is any other problem in the future, please feel free to post it here :thumbup: .