Media player keeps rebooting after startup


    I checked the HDD installation and it seems correct according to the manual. I also performed a checkdisk, from my pc, which found and corrected some errors.
    After that I placed my 3dfhdl back on it's place and connected it to my tv/stereo and lan.
    When it started I noticed that after a short while it was doing something which made the harddisk spin and it showed and spinning icon in the left bottom of the tv screen.
    When it was finished (after a minute or so) it rebooted again and it's doing the same thing over and over again after each reboot.

    It seems the 3dfhdl is having a problem with the harddisk, is there anything else I can do? Maybe get access to some log files or so?
    By the way I already installed the latest firmware a couple of weeks ago and since (aproximatly) the same time this problem started.


    this is no known problem so it could be caused by the HDD.

    Please delete the .Theater directory and the Part file. If this doesn't help you must reformat the HDD (delete all partitions while the device is connected to the PC) and then use HDD Format within the Setup. Also you could try another HDD!

    Best regards,