Deleting Files Properly 3DFHDL and 24p modus

    Deleting Files Properly 3DFHDL and 24p modus

    Hi Fantec community members,

    Does anyone recognize the same problems as I do: When deleting a file through the 3DFHDL's option, the file still remains on the HDD. I am using a Samsung External 2.5" HDD but the files I have cannot be deleted. Both large and small (respectively 43 GB movie and 700MB movie) still remain visible while the system mentions that "files have been deleted." When I subsequently plug my HDD to my computer the movies still remain visible...

    Is this a commonly known malfunction? ?(

    With respect to the 24p modus: I have a plasma (Samsung PS51D6900) and when I try to play movies enabling the 24P modus, images stutter when cameras move a bit. I know this is a framerate issue, but does this 24p modus give a boost to image quality or won't it make any difference?? I am trying currently to have the best image quality on my tv and I am still playing around with settings, therefore my question!

    Thanks for reading my post in advance :D



    this will happen when you don't use "Safely remove Hardware" while the HDD is connected to a PC (the HDD is "write protected" if you don't use safe remove). Please read the attached red Information Note in the 3DFHDL Box! This concerns the internal HDD and external HDDs.

    Please use the 24p Mode only if you have 24p Movies. Movies with other Framerates could stutter because the device will play with 24 FPS but your Video has for example 30 FPS!

    Best regards,
    Hi Lars,

    Thanks for your reply. You are correct. After safely removing my hdd it worked again. Clumsy and stupid of me!! Ok, thanks for the other tip as well.. It is safe to say that this mode only produces better quality images when playing a 24p movie!

    Understood and thanks for the help again, really gives me the opportunity to get to know my player a bit better!