Network connection

    Network connection

    Hello everybody,

    I have a 3dFHDL with the latest firmware (incl Android).
    When I try to copy files to the mediaplayer through my LAN the network connection breaks all the time.
    My computer is connected to a internet router and there is a hub between the 3dfhdl and the router.
    Does anybody have the same problem or is there some network setup changes I can make to solve this problem?

    By the way, installing the latest firmware formatted my harddisk.
    I think that's something to work on by Fantec for the next update.....


    you can try to use fixed IPs and also try the connection without the Hub.

    The problem can be caused at any point in your network so it's not that easy to find out where the problem needs to be fixed.

    Installing the Firmware can NEVER format the HDD, this is impossible. I think you have a rights problem with your HDD and doesn't use "Safe Eject" while the 3DFHL was connected with a PC through USB, in this case after a FW Update it's possible that the Browser doesn't show the files which are stored on the HDD (problem can be solved by connecting the 3DFHDL to a PC, copy a file from PC to 3DFHL and then using Safe Eject).

    Best regards,
    Hi Lars,

    Thanks for your reply.

    I'll look in to my network situation....

    But concerning the HDD the situation was;
    My 3DFHL was functioning normal (connected to my audio/tv and lan), via the file browser I could see my HDD and all the files on it.
    Then I updated using an USB stick, after the update I couldn't see the HDD anymore.
    When I connected the 3DFHL to my pc the HDD was visable but without the files and directories.
    There where some files on the HDD, which looked like the installation files for the update.
    Checkdisk did not work, so I connected my 3DFHL to the audio/tv/lan and re-formated the disk using 3DFHL setup....

    I hope this information is of some use...