R2750 - Timer Schedule switch to pause

    R2750 - Timer Schedule switch to pause


    for some unknown reason, the recorder automatically pause the weekly schedules (Mon-Fri) when they overlap with Saturday schedules: shouldn't it use the double dvb tuner? I've checked and the overlapping is always a maximum of two recordings for the same channel.

    For example:
    Mon-Fri - 20:00-21:00 - Channel RAI 1
    Sat - 20:30-22:30 - Channel RAI 1

    After Saturday, the Mon-Fri is paused and does not record anymore until I open the schedule and manually re-enable it...

    Is there something I am missing? I know I could record 20:30-22:30 for the entire week, but this would waste a lot of space...

    It's a known bug, but not wanted to be regonized by Fantec themselve.
    Some users have this problem. Me too.
    But mine is a little bit different: If one day a daily timer (Mo-Fr) is crossing over with another timer on same tv station, the regulary timer is beeing paused.
    And my Space is between 600-1000 GByte

    If you find a solution, you'll get my appreciativeness !!

    Good luck, TM
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