[Beta] Firmware S3600 v9.5.39 r7820 - Feedback desired!

    [Beta] Firmware S3600 v9.5.39 r7820 - Feedback desired!


    Download: Firmware r7820

    Have fun with the new Firmware! :thumbup:



    Added: Sleep Timer (Standby) with options: 30Min, 60Min, and so on
    Added: Option Surround Sound under Setup/Audio, on SPDIF now it's possible to downmix HD Sound to 'normal' DD5.1/DTS5.1
    Added: Audio Settings can be directly accessed when pressing the MENU button during audio/video playback
    Added: Manual IP Settings for WIFI
    Added: Preferred audio language in Setup/Audio (not possible for all movie files, doesn't work on BD movies)
    Added: Favorites to Home Screen (possible to add shortcuts to network directions, HDD and USB drives)
    Added: Possibility to set up a Password for NAS Mode access
    Added: Some more options for Zoom (Fit, Stretch, original, etc.)
    Added: Support for PGS subtitles in MKV and mts container
    Added: Default application option, user can choose to launch the default application on start up
    Support (home/file manager/my favorite/shoutcast/audio podcast/video podcast/youtbe xl)

    Fixed/Improved: General stability in various situations (new SDK)
    Fixed/Improved: UPnP file sorting bug (the selected file wasn't the played file)
    Fixed/Improved: Goto function now able to directly input numeric on the entry fields
    Fixed/Improved: Timebar Scrolling now able to move forward and backward while playback a movie
    Fixed/Improved: Home Screen is now infinitely scrollable
    Fixed/Improved: Better network streaming and transfer speeds (dependent on own network)
    Fixed/Improved: Various menu language translations and OSD errors
    Fixed/Improved: Change desktop picture and system font
    Fixed/Improved: Sync with various .txt subtitle formats
    Fixed/Improved: General Subtitles handling (possible to add more than 15 subtitles to one folder)
    Fixed/Improved: Keyboard and Mouse support (sometimes the mouse cursor was missed)
    Fixed/Improved: Error message 'Unable to service request' from appearing when setting a username/password for FTP
    Fixed/Improved: Folder Protection doesn't worked correctly
    Fixed/Improved: Missing Audio Channels when playing back video with multi-channel AAC audio via an external amplifier
    Fixed/Improved: Random system freeze when exiting or stopping from playing a movie in Movie Jukebox
    Fixed/Improved: Unable to create new folder on network when copying/moving files
    Fixed/Improved: unable to copy .m3u playlist over network
    Fixed/Improved: No Audio Bug when using certain services in Internet Media if you are using SPDIF/OPTICAL connection to an external amplifier
    Fixed/Improved: During audio playback, ID3 details does not appear after returning from screensaver, MENU options or SETUP
    Fixed/Improved: When Screensaver options Photo Album or Flickr is active and a movie is paused the device hangs up
    (due to a Realtek SDK Limitation only the default Screensaver will appear while a movie is paused)
    Fixed/Improved: If no HDD is installed (S3600 eSATA/P3700 internal) HDD Format prompt will not appear. Until the HDD
    is formatted through setup the Menus for Transmission Client and FTP Server will not appear.

    Updated: NTFS driver
    Updated: Transmission BT to version v2.42

    Playing MP4 files

    Gotta problem when playing MP4 files. After "fast forward" the picture is stuck but the sound continues to play nevertheless. Even when the player is tuned off and then on the picture is still stuck (or completely missing) when resuming play (sound still okay). If I choose to start from the beginning all is okay though.

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